The exhibition hall takes place in Igualada, the capital of the Anoia area, an area of longstanding paper tradition where about 70 companies are working in the spectrum of this sector employing more than 1600 people and creating a turnover of 533 million euros.

the space

The building taking in Maqpaper is L’Escorxador (Old Slaughterhouse) once more, an emblematic architectural ensemble of modernist style created by architects Pau Salvat i Espasa and Isidre Gili Moncunill in 1903.

The total space of the premises is 13000 square metres, 2000 of which are destined for exhibitions and fairs, the rest being left for parking, storing and services.

The central nave with its original crossbeaming, interior patios, natural light and all its open spaces recently restored make of Escorxador a unique environment breathing out tradition, design and modernism.

by car

how to get there

From Lleida 50’
From Manresa 30’
From Girona 1h 45‘
From Barcelona 45’
From Tarragona 60’